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A brand new area for Internet Genie is developing for the phone and tablet industry.

Why has mobile web design suddenly become important?

When the internet was first created, it was designed to be used with computers alone and up until around 5 years ago this was the case and sites could simply be built towards being adaptive on the main PC browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

However, the mobile phone market rapidly developed and matured. Smartphones began to be released which were just as powerful as cheap PC’s and were capable of handling the majority of websites e.g. Samsung mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy, Apple’s iPhone etc. This then subsequently led to an increase in demand in users using a range of different devices. According to digitalbuzz, 91% of people on the planet have a mobile phone and in 2013 50% of these people used their phone as a primary internet source. Also with the advent of 3g networking meaning internet browsing on phones is much faster it has only resulted in a huge acceleration in demand for mobile internet browsing and sites.

Alongside this there is now a greater range of devices which can be used to view web content including games consoles, Smart TV’s and tablets and is enough to strike fear into most as websites need to be built which adapt to all of these different devices.

What are our services?

There are a number of different services we can provide to help customers gain an audience in this area of the market.

Generally when we talk about mobile web design there are two methods which can be employed:-converting website to mobile and building a mobile website.

  • Converting website to mobile is about adapting the current website using coding so that the same website is displayed across all devices but with the code ensuring that it adapts to the device – this is known as responsive design.
  • Building a mobile website – Alternatively we can build a new website specifically for mobiles and then add a redirect to the original site so that when a user uses your site on a mobile device they are taken to a site appropriate to their device.

We can provide these services whether you have a website or not. If you do not have a website we will usually build one for you from scratch and then you can choose the method you prefer. If you have a site already however we can still adapt it – either through us physically accessing and editing your site or by building a new one and giving you the redirect to put in your site yourself.

What goes into the top websites for mobile?

In the same way as our work on PCs, we have done plenty of extensive research and found several tried and tested mechanics again which seem to work the best for a mobile site and its success.

These include:

  • A click to call button-a self-explanatory feature allowing a user to call the business direct.
  • A simple design-a simple design works far better than a complicated one as the mobile audience want more speed and convenience than a PC site.

So what can we offer you?

Here at Internet Genie, we can offer you a huge wealth of different services to get your site mobile. Our professional website designers have a wealth of experience in helping customers to get websites which work effortlessly on a range of different devices and reap huge rewards.

If you would like some more information on mobile web design or on the development of new technologies to access the internet, then simply visit our mobile web design blog today which is packed full of all the latest news.


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